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About Us 

At Lena Search, we focus on building relationships within your organization so that we can be a part of your human capital strategy. We are dedicated to finding the right people to help elevate your business and be a critical part of your success.
Whether you need a one month project completed, a one year project completed or need to fill a direct hire opening, we will find you a candidate who fits your need. We find qualified candidates who are reliable, work well with teams and have the flexibility to take on changing priorities.

We partner with a nationwide top-notch payroll service and provide healthcare benefits and other perks. We will ensure the candidate working at your company site is reference checked.  At your request, a background check will also be completed.


Our Background

Our team has over 20 years of recruiting and staffing expertise. We started Lena Search 5 years ago with a desire to create a recruiting firm that would offer a personalized and catered approach to finding talent.
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